Platform Bed the Best Way to Combine Comfort With More Utility Value

A platform bed is very ideal for your home if you are more concerned with space and is satisfied with minimalist looks. This type of bed offers a low profile surface for sleeping with simple geometrical lines and a sleek design that can enhance the look of any bedroom. Usually this type of floating bed comes with a raised structure that ends up with a flat, sturdy surface that is designed to support a mattress. The platform bed of the present days come in a range of types and varieties and most of them come with firm cushioning and hence it is not necessary to have box spring or  other types of foundations for your mattress.
Platform Bed
The popularity of a platform bed not only lies in its simple construction but also in its enhanced utility value. In these times of highly expensive real estate and the need to live in cramped smaller houses, the ability of using the space under the platform as storage adds to the attraction of these beds. Now it is very common to see a platform bed that is made of wood, metal and even leather. When you go for a platform bed made of wood, then you have a range of diy platform bed options that can be easily downloaded from online resources. With so many sources available for finding your platform bed plans it is not difficult to do your own platform bed. If you want to have a platform bed that is made of wood or metal the designs are enormous and range from smaller kid’s bed to Queen size bed. With little research and patience you can easily find the one that suits your bedroom and budget. Now many types of materials including composite furnishing ones are available in the market to build your own platform bed and you need not have to be satisfied with the ones you find in your local furnishing store. If you need one that is top of the line and are ready to spend little more then you can go for the ones made of higher quality 100% processed tropical hardwoods and veneers that assure very long life and superior strength. On the other hand if you want to have cost effective options for your platform bed you can select the ones made of eco- friendly furniture made of sustainable Pine. This is very functional and yet cost very less and help you save more on your choice.