The Most Popular Queen Size Bed

Currently the most popular size of bed in the US, the Queen Size bed is used by couples and individuals to get a full, comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress sizes of the Queen is a full 6” wider and 5” longer than a typical Full Size bed, making it a much better fit for two adults. A typical Queen Size mattress is 60” wide and 80” long, meaning that two normal size adults can sleep comfortably. In addition, the Queen Size is perfect for growing teens as they will need more room when they get older and taller. For individuals, the Queen Size mattress offers plenty of room and comfort as well, making it the perfect choice in the master bedroom. queen size bed with comforter

The Advantages of a Queen Size Bed

The Queen Size has become a staple in American households for many good reasons. Arguably the best reason is that it is the best all-around type of size available being just large enough to fit two adults comfortably, but not so large that it is overly cumbersome to handle. However, there are other advantages as well.


Compared to a Full Size mattress, the Queen Size offers adults considerably more room to move around without disturbing their sleeping partners while individuals will enjoy a great deal of room and comfort when asleep.


Although not as large as a King Size Bed, the Queen Size is much easier to handle and negotiate through tight hallways and around corners when first placing the mattress. Plus, flipping the mattress or cleaning it is much easier and far more manageable than a King Size, making it far less of a chore to properly handle.


In addition to being the main bed for adults, the Queen Size bed frames are also perfect in guest rooms where individuals or couples can sleep comfortably. Of the many mattress sizes available, the Queen Size offers the most versatility when it comes to smaller bedrooms, guest rooms and even teenager bedrooms.


Because of its popularity, the Queen Size is also quite affordable as well compared to the King Size or specialty-size mattresses. Plus, many stores will offer special sales or discounts from time to time for Queen Size beds and mattresses, making them even more affordable during those times of the year.

Why Choose a Queen Size Bed?

There are certainly a number of reasons to choose the Queen Size as your mattress of choice, but ultimately it will come down to the specific needs that you have in your home. Given the different bed sizes that are available, the Queen Size does offer the most versatility along with providing great comfort as well. While the King Size Bed does offer even more room, for many people the Queen Size is more economical and practical for their needs while still providing plenty of room for two adults. Overall, the Queen Size Bed is the best starting point when looking for the right mattress for your master bedroom, guest room or smaller bedrooms in your home.
queen size bed with wooden frame

A queen size bed with a wooden frame.