Use Your Murphy Bed as a Space Saving Bed in Your Home

Murphy bed is one of the ways to beat the unrealistically expensive real estate. Your bed is the one thing that occupies the most space in your home. If you have a way to use the space occupied by it when you do not need your bed, then you can have a comfortable living even in a one room apartment.   A Murphy bed is the perfect answer for this as it is one of the best ways to have space saving beds in your home. It is a type of pull out bed that can be used anywhere and still not feel the space constraints in your rooms. It is easy to hide a bed of this type as this can be easily converted into a closet and can be easily stored out of sight. The beautiful idea of a Murphy bed seems to be the brainchild of William L Murphy of San Francisco around the year 1900. He was a man who lived his life as a single guy in a one room apartment. He invented this type of foldable bed to make his girl friend not offended by entering his bed room. This bed was made in such a way that he could flip it automatically on its end and make it appear as a closet. Once this is done the bed goes completely out of sight and is easily stored without making its presence felt in any way. The idea of space saving beds by the use of a Murphy bed became very popular with the rising real estate costs especially in big cities where the housing space became smaller and smaller. As the idea of the Murphy beds was to help people make best use of their cramped spaces these are very popular even in modern homes. A Murphy bed provides more space for you in your home and so these are one of the items that are found in present day homes. Kids love these beds and hence in most of the new houses you can find the use of a Murphy bed in the kid’s room. Fold Down Murphy Bed In the present days, with the advancement in technology and emergence of new materials you have a variety of options in building a Murphy bed in your home. With little patience and innovation in your mind you can easily build your own Murphy bed in your home. There are many resources available online and by doing a little research you can bring this wonderful world to your home with huge cost savings. The best thing is that you can build even a Queen size bed as a Murphy bed and enjoy the convenience of a foldable bed in your home.